Frequently Asked Questions

Family Planning (7)

How do I make an appointment to get on birth control?

Call 265-5481 ext. 256 to schedule your appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test?

Call 265-5481 ext. 256 to schedule your appointment.

Does the Health Department provide birth control services?

Family planning offers several birth control options as well as emergency contraception.

Do you offer pregnancy tests at the Health Department?

Yes, urine pregnancy tests are available through Family Planning. They do not offer a blood test for pregnancy.

Does the Health Department provide the morning after pill?

Yes, the morning after pill is available for $35.00.  For a sliding scale fee, please schedule an appointment with Family Planning at 265-5481 x 266.

Does the Health Department give out condoms?

Free condoms are available at the counter of the Health Department. Specialty condoms such as latex free and extra large are available by request.  Protect yourself.

Can a minor receive birth control services without consent of his/her parents?

Family Planning services are confidential and do not require parent permission.

Immunizations (4)

How do I schedule an appointment for shots?

Call 265-5481 ext. 266 to schedule your appointment. We offer appointments for immunizations on Tuesday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. We are closed over the noon hour.

How do I get a copy of my child’s immunization record?

Call 265-5481 ext. 266 and ask for a copy of your child’s record. We will need to know first and last name and date of birth for the individual. If you have received immunizations out of state you will have to contact them and have a copy mailed/faxed to you.

How do I get adult vaccinations?

Call 265-5481 ext. 266 and we can help you in assessing your record to determine what vaccinations you are eligible to receive.

How do I obtain information on immunizations for foreign travel?

Since we are not a travel immunization clinic, the best place to start would be on the CDC website to look up immunizations needed for a specific area. You can also call the closest travel clinic, which is the Cascade City-County Health Department in Great Falls. Their number is 406-454-6950.


Environmental Health (4)

How do I report a public health general sanitation complaint?

Call 265-5481 ext. 268 to speak to Clay Vincent (Sanitarian) regarding your issue.

How do I report a food code violation?

Contact Clay Vincent, the Sanitarian/Planner at 265-5481 x 268

How do I report a food borne illness?

Food borne illness happens, and not just at restaurants.  People can make themselves sick at home if they are not taking the proper precautions.  Use the information below to find out how you can prevent a food borne illness, or how to recognize or report an illness.

  • Food Borne Illness Prevention
    • Wash hands  frequently with warm water and soap.
    • Keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold.
    • Separate raw and ready-to-eat foods like keeping raw meats away from fruits and vegetables.
  • Report a Food Borne Illness
    • Call 265-5481 ext. 266

WIC (2)

How do I apply for WIC services?

You can apply by calling (406) 265-5481 x 206 for an appointment or stop in at the office.  If you are on Medicaid or Food Stamps, you automatically qualify, if not, we will assess your income.

How do I make an appointment for WIC?

Call the office at 406-265-5481 x206 and we would be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (5)

Do you offer STD testing at the Health Department?

(STD or STI) testing is available through Family Planning.  Call 265-5481 x 266 for an appointment.

How much does STD testing cost?

Family Planning services are based on a sliding fee scale based on your income and other criteria.

Does the Health Department offer HIV testing?

We provide a Rapid HIV test which only takes 20 minutes to receive your results.  HIV testing is offered through Family Planning, and the cost is based on their sliding fee scale.  HIV testing requires a 60 minute office visit with us.

How do I schedule an appointment for an STD test?

Call 265-5481 ext. 256 to schedule your appointment.

How long does it take to get the results from STD tests?

The sample is sent out and we receive the results in 2-3 business days.

General (2)

Does the Health Department offer free services?

The Health Department strives to offer low cost and convenient services to our community.  We work closely with our families and assess on a one on one basis what will work best for all involved. Family Planning does offer their services based on a sliding fee scale regarding income.

What are Head Lice and how do I get rid of them?

Refer to this link for more information on how to get rid of Head Lice:

Centers for Disease Control

Head Lice questions & answers

Disaster and Emergency Services (1)

How do I learn about disaster planning and preparedness?

Public health emergencies can arise anywhere. Infectious diseases, natural disasters and even terrorism can impact Hill County at anytime.

Public health hazards in Hill County may result from communicable disease outbreaks, food and water contamination's, chemical spills, wild land fires and smoke, drought, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, and avalanches.

Prepare Your Family

Be aware of and prepare for your family’s unique needs in an emergency.  Make a family plan in advance and build a readiness kit.   

  1. Make a Plan
    Establish a “family emergency plan” that details how you will contact one another in an emergency.  Outline how you will get to a safe place and how you will get back together if separated.  Visit for more information on family emergency communication and planning.
  2. Build a Kit
    A family readiness kit includes essential items that can keep your family safe and healthy in an emergency.  Make a kit for yourself, your family and your pets.  Keep a kit in your home, your car and at work.  A complete list of items to consider for you kit can be found here.

Prepare Together

In a disaster, the people that surround you – your neighbors – will be the ones in your community that you and your family turn to for immediate help.  That’s why it always is important to check on your neighbors and prepare as a community for emergencies, especially those that seasonal like extreme heat and cold.

Remember to lend a hand and assist residents who are more sensitive to weather conditions, especially senior citizens and those who are chronically ill.

  • Help a neighbor contact a family member for assistance