Disaster and Emergency Services

Disaster and Emergency Services

Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) helps coordinate the following:

  • Emergency Management Preparedness Grant
  • Emergency and Mitigation Plan Development
  • Exercise and Training Management
  • Point of Contact for Local, State and Federal elected officials and departments

Hill County DES Provides:

  1. Coordination with a broad-based coalition of agencies and organizations involved in emergency prevention, protection, response, recovery and mitigation in the conduct of the services and development of the deliverables in the grant. Hill County DES is a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) that meets the second Tuesday of each month, community involvement is encouraged and the public is welcome. The LEPC has representatives from: Hill County Commissioners, Hill County Public Health, City of Havre, Northern Montana Hospital, Havre Public Schools, MSU-Northern, Hill County Sheriff, Havre Police, Havre Fire/Ambulance, Chippewa Cree Nation, and local businesses.
  2. Participate in development and implementation of county and multi-county systems for exercise of response plans with all appropriate partners. Hill County DES is a part of the overall disaster and emergency response system and participates in local, regional and state exercise activities to reduce duplication of effort, create efficiencies and enhance collaboration, coordination and overall readiness.
  3. Currently one ½ time employee works to complete all services and deliverables required by the grant.

Some of the activities that DES is working on include:

  • Presidential Disaster DR-4127, flood event of 2013
  • Hill County Cooperative Fire Management Plan, annual update, link to Draft document listed below.
  • Exercises and associated training for ECC staff, Hill County Employees and Rural Volunteer Fire/EMS Providers.

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