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 Services Offered

*Asbestos Inspection Rules                *Individual Sewage Permits

*Hazardous Waste Disposal               *Junk Vehicles

*Comprehensive Planning                  *Flood Plain Administration

*Subdivision Planning and Review

*Zoning Variances, Amendments & Permits (application below)

*Public Health Inspections for: Restaurants, Trailer Courts, Hotels, Schools, Daycares, Nuisance Complaints

Food Safety

Consumer Complaint Form 



Montana State University-Extension ServSafe

DPHHS Food Manager Certification

OTHER Food Safety Helpful Links

Restaurant Resources; Retail Food DPHHS

FDA Recall List


Centers for Disease Control

Montana Food and Consumer Safety

Fight Bac! Food Safety



7055 Road 451 SE
(3 miles east of Havre)
Hours 8 to 4 Daily (Monday - Friday)
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Most Holidays

Acceptable Disposal Items

  •   Household Refuse
  •   Trees, Lumber, Shrubs must be cut to a length of 4 or less
  •   Small Quantities of Treated Grain
  •   EMPTY Chemical Barrels must be triple rinsed
  •   White ware Washers and Dryers, Fridges and Freezers without Freon
  •   Tires

Items NOT to be disposed of in Containers

  •   Batteries and Chemicals including but not limited to herbicides and pesticides
  •   Oil or Hydraulic Fluid
  •   Large Quantities of Heavy Material concrete, rock, dirt, etc.
  •   Items that are on Fire
  •   Large Quantities of Dead Animals
  •   Refrigerators or Freezers also any other items that may contain Freon
  •   Soil contaminated with fuel must be approved by Landfill employees and then placed in a specific area on the landfill property

This facility will be closed if the wind is blowing 20mph or higher, due to problems with blowing litter. (State Required Regulation)
All loads brought to this landfill must be covered or secured to prevent littering. Load that are not covered or secured maybe fined up to $500.00.
Questions concerning acceptable Refuse Items or any other concerns call 265-5481 ext. 268 or 265-9404

Documents and Forms
Zoning Permit Application

Administrative Rules of Montana/Laws for Environmental Quality